Item 717/E/E8 and 717H/E
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CableEye Tester Calibration

Item 717 for M3U, M3UH
Item 717E for M3U, M3UH with 1-7 Expansion Modules
Item 717E8 for M2UB, M2U, M3U, M3UH with 8+ Expansion Modules

Item 717H for High Voltage HVX, HVX-21
Item 717HE for HVX, HVX-21 with Expansion Modules

Tester calibration by CAMI Research
Calibrating an expanded M3U

Click here for the Why, When & How of Calibration including how to order and ship.

Note: CableEye Models M2 and M2-Basic do not require calibration.

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