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CableEye System Repair

What should I do if I think my system is malfunctioning?

If you think your system is malfunctioning, first perform a Self-Test check on it to rule out the possibility of the problem being caused by erroneous settings.

To run Self Test do the following:
1 - Remove any CB boards or test cables from the CableEye system.
2 - Be sure that nothing is connected to the test point headers.
3 - Connect the tester to the PC and turn the CableEye software on.
4 - Click on the File menu and select "Self Test" from the list.
5 - Click on Run Once and wait for the results.

If you get an error message, it is likely that the unit has been damaged. If so, get a screenshot of the message and email it to us. If no problem was found, please contact us to check your software settings.

(Print Self Test Instructions)

If Self-Test passes and you are still experiencing problems with your tester, please contact CAMI Research for tech support before sending back your unit for repair.

How do we order a repair service for our CableEye Tester?

1 - Call CAMI Research at 978-266-2655 to arrange for return of your unit. We need to confirm the serial number of the tester or testers that you want to be repaired, the name of the technical contact person for CableEye, and your company's address and phone number.

[When shipping from an international location where we have a representative, please contact your local distributor first.]

2 - We may be able to offer a preliminary/budgetary estimate of the cost of the repair at this time. A detailed quotation will be feasible after we receive the tester and run diagnostics.

3 - Your company pays transportation in both directions. We will accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express if that is more convenient. Be sure to specify the method of return shipment you want us to use (Ground, 3rd Day, 2nd Day, Overnight).

Note: Return shipment by FedEx Ground is not an available option.

Note: Return shipment options for International customers are FedEx or UPS, Priority or Economy.

4 - When you are ready to ship, review and circulate this Shipping Checklist to your packing/shipping department. (Remember to Email us the tracking number.) 5 - For standard repairs, we will generally evaluate the tester, and send you a quote, in 1-2 business days of receiving it. Any repairs covered under warranty will be so noted.

6 - On reviewing the Repair Quote, email Repair Purchase Order (PO) to, or call in credit card to +1 978 266 2655. Repairs will be scheduled on receipt of PO/Payment.

7 - For low voltage testers, we offer an expedite option for a fee:

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