1 - The cable shown here has a connector on the left side attached to an electrical interface we built for it, and bare pins on the right side. These pins are to be inserted into a build connector mounted on the Light Director board you see on the right.

Once the AutoBuild Guided Assembly Software (catalog Item 728) is started, the operator touches the red probe to a loose pin, and the target cavity begins flashing in the build connector. The operator then inserts the pin with a special tool, and presses the black button on the tester to advance to confirm insertion.

Note that the pins in thie medical cable are so small that they must be handled with a tweesers and inserted while viewing the build connector through a magnifying scope.

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2 - This Light Director application was designed to assemble a cable used in a life-critical marine application. The Light Director board labeled "P1" is initially used for 1st-sided pinning (no connectors attached to the cable yet, and unattached wires with identifying markes only are available to the operator. Once the first connector P1 is wired, it is then disconnected form the Light Director board and moved to the electrical interface for P1, the adapter cable you see emerging in the front and labeled "P1".

Because this is a multi-connector harness, first-sided connections for P2, P3, etc., must be done next, and then 2nd-sided pinning using the probe can commence. This interface greatly reduced the error rate and assembly time when building these cables and quickly paid the customer back in the cost of the equiment and custom interface.