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Probe Cable

This probe is used to probe pins and flying wires in your cable assembly. There are several functions in the CableEye software that require the use of the test probe, per example, Probe Test and PinMap™ fixture editor.

The probe is usually connected to the 24 pin header bank on the right side of the tester, as shown in the second image.

Supplied in either red or black.
Image of unconnected test probe - red.

Image of black test probe attached to 24 pin header bank of a low voltage continuity and resistance tester.

Speech Probe Video (Duration: 4:29 min):

Have your tester talk to you! Learn how to use the speech probe while testing cables & harnesses with CableEye continuity & HiPot test systems. Test single ended cables or identify flying wires using the provided test probe.

Check out this fast and super-easy pin-mapping process enabled by the PinMap™ fixture editor. Map as fast as you can move the probe from one pin to the next. Use on your custom connectors, test fixtures, specially-built connector panels, or pigtail adapters to your CableEye tester. This software assigns test point numbers to connector types and applies standard pin designations to the pin numbers.