Item 760

CB30 Connector Board


Application 1 | Application 1 (full view) | Application 1 (UUT) | Application 2

Application 1

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Three large adapter cables are wired to a CB30 board as part of a complex wire harness interface.

Application 1 (full view)

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This shows the complete setup using the CB30 board pictured above. You see a 384-point CableEye test system with two CB30s using the first 256 test points and two CB8 boards (Item 738) using the last 128 points. Note that the CB8 boards are mounted in a QuickMount housing (Item 712).

Application 1 (Unit Under Test)

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This shows part of the complex harness to which the adapter cables in the first photo are connected.

Application 2

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A CB30A plugboard is mounted to a CB30. If you wish to design your own plugboard for a custom application, we will provide a drawing giving the dimensions and routing pattern.

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