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CB50 Resistance Calibration Verification Board

Item 780, M3U Series
Item 780H, M4 and HVX Series


This Resistance Calibration Verification Board allows you to periodically verify proper resistance measurements of the tester, including after calibration, storage, or relocation. We recommend verification once a quarter.

A set of resistances and a couple of diodes cover all 64 test points to ensure that none of them is off-measuring. This board is sold as a single board, not a set of 2. You should manually plug the board to the second bank to cover all test points of the module.

The CB48A Header Isolator™ set, Item 778A, permits connection of this verification board to your expansion modules. Remember to add these to your order if you have expansion modules. One set is adequate for the verification process even if you have multiple expansion modules. You have the option of installing these header isolators permanently to protect the 64-pin headers on the expansion modules from being broken or worn out from repeated connections and disconnections of your interface cables.

Voltage Rating

For low voltage operation only. Not intended for HiPot.

CableEye Calibration Verification Board