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Pelican™ Rolling Carrying Case

Transport or store your CableEye® tester in this rugged, foam-lined carrying case. A rubber seal keeps out moisture and dust, and the large, safe-release latches make the case easy to open and yet secure from accidental release during transportation. Use the handles on the top or side for hand-carrying, or the extendable handle and wheels for easy rolling on smooth surfaces.

Two padlock holes are available for extra security during shipment or while being stored. The internal layered foam conforms to the size of the tester and the foam may be removed layer-by-layer to grip the tester when removing from or inserting it into the case. Sufficient additional space is available in the case for cables, probe, connector boards, or other accessores. Check more pictures below!

Item 704C - For an HVX series tester with up to 1 expansion module (128 or 256 Test Points)
Item 704D - For an HVX series tester with 2 or 3 expansion modules (384 or 512 Test Points)
Item 704F - For any low voltage series tester with up to 3 expansion modules (128, 256, 384 or 512 Test Points)
Item 704G - For any low voltage series tester with 4, 5 or 6 expansion modules (640, 768, or 896 Test Points)

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Detailed Description: