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CableEye Health Check:
What & How

Tester service by CAMI Research
Service of a tester

What's a "health check"?

The CableEye warranty allows for one complimentary tester health check.

The Low Voltage tester health check service (Item 622) consists of:

The High Voltage tester health check service (Item 623) consists of:

CAMI Research has some of the best customer support and response times of any of our vendors, and I want you to know that this is truly and sincerely appreciated.

William Rathbun
Roanwell Corp.

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What's the process?

You will need to send the test fixture (with power module if it's a low voltage tester) to CAMI Research or to an authorized international distributor who is certified in calibration.

The health check service can usually be completed within 1-2 business days of receiving your equipment. The time of round-trip transportation will, of course, depend on the shipping method you choose.

You will find it most convenient to time the Health Check service with your tester's recalibration.

Can we clean CableEye and inspect the circuit boards ourselves?

Opening the case will invalidate the warranty.

The reliability of the equipment allows us to provide our customers with the best possible products. We've also found that the customer service and response time from CAMI Research to be excellent. All in all a company I would highly recommend using.

Eric Lutz, VP Production
Galaxy Wire and Cable, Inc.

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Note: Expired warranties may be renewed within one week of completion of a health check service including completion of any required repairs.

How do we order a health check service for our CableEye Tester?

1 - Call CAMI Research at 978-266-2655 to arrange for return of your unit. We need to confirm the name of the technical contact person for CableEye, and your company's address and phone number.

2 - We will confirm the cost of the health check, either by phone or by sending you a quote. Please provide us the serial number of the tester or testers that you want to be checked.

3 - Ask your purchasing department to email us a PO in advance of shipping the unit to us. Your company pays transportation in both directions. We will accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express if that is more convenient. Be sure to specify the method of return shipment you want us to use (Ground, 3rd day, 2nd Day, Overnight). Note: return shipment by FedEx Ground is not an available option.

4 - When you're ready to ship the system, review and then circulate this preparation checklist to your packing/shipping department. [Remember to email us the tracking number.]
5 - We will generally complete the service and return the equipment to you within 1-2 business days of receiving it. For low voltage testers, we offer an expedite option for a fee:

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

+1 978 266 2655

HiPot tester (lhs), low voltage continuity tester (rhs)
Continuity & HiPot Testers showing screenshot


CableEye is an expandable and upgradable diagnostic and Pass/Fail Cable and Harness Test System that’s PC-based. It’s used for assembly, prototyping, production, and QC of standard or custom wire cables and harnesses, and comes in six models:

Low Voltage: M2U-basic, M2U For diagnostic and Pass/Fail Testing - Find, display, log, & document: continuity (opens, shorts, miswires), and intermittent connections

Low Voltage: M3U, M3UH For all of the above plus resistance (contact, isolation, embedded), and diodes (orientation, forward voltage, reverse breakdown).

Low Voltage and High Voltage: HVX, HVX-21 For all of the above plus HiPot (dielectric withstand voltage and insulation resistance).

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