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Connector Insert with Straight-Through Pins Guards your Equipment - Protect board-mounted D-subminiature connectors that are subject to frequent insertion and removal of cables from mechanical wear-out using the Connector Protector™.

The size of a mini gender-changer, the Connector Protector firmly attaches to Dsub connectors using jackscrews. When cables are connected or disconnected, the inexpensive Connector Protector takes the mechanical wear, and may be quickly and easily replaced when continuity becomes intermittent or damage is sustained.

Available for all standard and high-density D-sub sizes. Female Dsub connectors are especially prone to rapid wear-out and, in some cases, become intermittent after only 50 insertion cycles. The Connector Protector guards laptop PCs or other portable equipment from the high cost of replacing worn-out board-mounted connectors, and also finds applications in high-reliability, low down-time applications. The jackscrews may be easily reversed to allow mounting to either female or male connectors.


Connector Insert with Ferrite or Capacitive Elements Blocks EMI - Retrofit board-mounted Dsub connectors with a Connector Protector containing an integral ferrite or capacitive element to suppress environmental EMI. Identical in form and size to the standard Connector Protector, the Connector Protector-EMI (ferrite) or Connector Protector-EMC (capacitive) include internal components that attenuates high-frequency interference by as much as 30dB. As an additional benefit, the Connector Protector isolates soldered-in connectors from mechanical wear-out by taking the abuse of repeated cable insertions and removals.

Technical Data

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frequency plot for ferrite core device
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The ferrite element serves as a notch filter with a resonant frequency of about 45 MHz. At this frequency, 30dB of attenuation is provided.

Notch filter (L), and low pass filter (R). Available for DB9, DB25, DB15, and DB37 connectors.
Disassembled connector protectors: EMI variant (left), EMC variant (right)

A disassembled view of the Connector Protector-EMI (ferrite) appears on the left, and the Connector Protector -EMC (capacitive) on the right. For the -EMC device, the chip capacitors mounted on this tiny PCB connect each pin to ground (the shield). The stock capacitance value is 1000 pF, however, other values could be provided on special order. The frequency response for a capacitive device will simply be that of a low pass filter whose cutoff point is determined by the line impedance.

Closeup of installed Connector Protectors

Installed CB15 Connector Protector Kit

Prices and Availability

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Connector Protector Board Set Kits
(for pin protection, no internal components)

Board Set Type Item Price ($)/kit

Protect your DB9 connectors with CAMI Connector Protectors.

Installed Connector Protectors: side view

Individual Connector Protectors
(for pin protection, no internal components)

Connector Type Item Price ($)/Quantity
1-24 25-99 100+
DB9 901 4.95 4.46 4.21
DB25 902
6.27 5.64 5.33
DB15 903 5.72 5.15 4.86
DB15HD 904 6.83 6.15 5.81
DB37 905
8.71 7.84 7.40
DB50 906 9.93 8.94 8.44
DB26HD 907 7.16 6.44 6.09
DB44HD 908 8.80 7.92 7.48
DB62HD 909 12.11 10.90 10.29
DB78HD 910 12.77 11.49 10.85

Attaching cable with DB9 connector to an electronic device protected with a CAMI Connector Protector.

Connector protector in use

Connector Protector/EMI
(with internal ferrite element)

Connector Type Item Price ($)/Quantity
1-24 25-99 100+
DB9/EMI 901E 5.39 4.85 4.37
DB25/EMI 902E 7.38 6.64 5.98
DB15/EMI 903E 6.38 5.74 5.17
DB37/EMI 905E 8.16 7.34 6.61

Connector Protector/EMC
(with internal capacitor)

Connector Type Item Price ($)/Quantity
1-24 25-99 100+
DB9/EMC 901C 8.80 7.92 7.48
DB25/EMC 902C 10.13 9.12 8.61
DB15/EMC 903C 7.98 7.18 6.78
DB37/EMC 905C 12.07 10.86 10.26

An internal capacitor connects each pin to the shell (ground shield) to suppress static discharge and other high-frequency interference. This serves as a low-pass filter. The effect on the signal depends on drive impedance. Stock capacitance value is 1000pf +/-20%.

Connector Protector Comparison Basic EMI EMC
Low cost

Protects against:
connector wear-out

RF Interference


How to Order

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Connector Protector™ and Connector Protector/EMI ™ products are normally in stock.

Connector Protector/EMC ™ is stocked in 1000pf value, other capacitance values are no longer available.

Orders by Purchase Order: Provide three trade and a bank reference to set up Net 30 terms. Minimum order $50.00. Email or Fax your order; we will ship stocked items within two business days of receipt of order.

Orders by Credit Card: We will take VISA/MasterCard/American Express if you prefer. Minimum order $20.00. Call, email, or fax your order. We will ship stocked items within two business days of receipt of order.

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