Production Screen

Production Screen (from V5.4-B1188)


This Production Screen mode is suitable for operators performing complete cable and harness pass/fail tests such as might occur on the production line. It is optimized for Touch Screen operation, and isolates the worker from CableEye features and controls unnecessary to their assigned task. The feature is an important operation mode of the CableEye software that ships with every tester (requires V 5.4-B1188 or later).

Download our Simplified Operator Screen Flyer from here:

Touch Screen Cable and Harness Testing Automation on the Production Floor

Two 'simplified' views are provided, Basic and Plus, and present clean-cut information, ideal for workers on the production floor.

Simplified Automation Screen, Basic hides the main window and replaces it with one containing fewer buttons and sub-windows:

CableEye Simplified Screen Picture (Basic)

Simplified Automation Screen, Plus consists of the Basic view, with the addition of Re-Test, Probe, and Continuous Test buttons that can be used when the test is paused to permit rework and analysis:

CableEye Simplified Screen Picture (Plus)

How to Enable Production Screen

To ready the Production Screen, qualified personnel/administrator prepare Automation Scripting through the automatic test window (macros) of the main CableEye software. This customized Automation Script may be saved to the desktop as a shortcut to be used on production workstations. Production workers launch the Production Screen from the shortcut on their workstation ... which may be a Touch Screen Computer ... and initiate the test sequence embedded within.

1 - The CableEye screenshot on the right shows how to enable theProduction Screen in a simple macro example. The first instruction "SHOW PANEL" activates the new screen, and you can easily add this instruction to every macro in your database.

2 - Note: Older software requires you to disable "Legacy Macro Support Only" from the Preferences / Control menu. In the preferences menu, go to the Control tab and uncheck Legacy Macro Support Only, as shown in the screenshot in the right.

3 - To create a macro executable shortcut, simply duplicate the CableEye icon in your desktop, then rename the new icon and right click on it to select Properties. Finally, add the following at the end of the Target field: "MacroName.mac /exec". Replace "MacroName" with the name of the macro that you want to execute with this shortcut.

Enjoy the increased flexibility offered by our Production Screen feature on your production floor today!


... nothing but positive reviews from our Quality department and more importantly from our customers.

We have used our CAMI CableEye test equipment for over three years. We routinely use it to test over 1,000 test points on an aviation harness and have nothing but positive reviews from our Quality department and more importantly from our customers. The reliability of the equipment allows us to provide our customers with the best possible products. We've also found that the customer service and response time from CAMI Research to be excellent. All in all a company I would highly recommend using.

Eric Lutz, VP Production
Galaxy Wire and Cable, Inc.
(Contract Cable Assembly)

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