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Standalone Probe Plate Fixture

This standalone fixture features a 0.5” probe plate, ships with an 18” banana jack cable, and includes a 9/64” (.140”) mounting hole for attaching to your equipment, bench or harness board. The cable may be supplied in either red or black. Integrated probe plate variants are available for our ZIF and LIF fixtures and connect in the same way.

Touch to-be-inserted wires to the probe plate to trigger spoken and visual assembly instructions from AutoBuild™ guided assembly software.

Probe devices connect to the DB9 connector on the right side of the tester and are used to identify flying pins or bare wires. Use with the CableEye tester Probe function, AutoBuild™ guided assembly software (Item 728), and PinMap™ fixture editor (Item 708). Probes are available for all models excluding the M2U-Basic and, for Item 859 (wrist strap), the M2U-Series. Excluding the M2U-Basic, all testers have a probe socket and ship with a probe (Items 718, 719). To use the Probe Plate Fixture, you will need to use the banana jack to DB9 adapter that shipped with your tester as part of probe Item 718.

Image of probe plate fixture.

Standalone Probe Plate Fixture | Item 878

Integrated probe plate fixture.

Example of Probe Plate Integrated into ZIF Fixture | Custom Order
Size, shape, position of integrated fixture may vary.

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Speech Probe Video (Duration: 4:29 min):

Have your tester talk to you! Learn how to use the speech probe while testing cables & harnesses with CableEye continuity & HiPot test systems. Test single ended cables or identify flying wires using the provided test probe.