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CB52 4-Wire Resistance Calibration
Verification Board


Sold as a SINGLE board, the CB52 contains a series of eleven precision low-value resistors for checking against the system’s calibrated values. The precision resistor values span a significant enough range to provide complete confidence of valid calibration. We recommend verification once a quarter.

Verify proper 4-Wire resistance measurements. Requires the model M4 (20 mΩ ± 20 mΩ), or an HVX-series tester with Advanced Measurements (20 mΩ ± 20 mΩ) or 4-Wire Measurement option (1mΩ ± 1mΩ). The 4-Wire Measurement option may be added to an existing high voltage tester as an upgrade.

Note that this is a ‘Plug & Play’ interface, requiring NO 4-wire fixturing to operate.

1Sold as a single board.

Voltage Rating

For low voltage operation only. Not intended for HiPot.


Use the CB52 as a tool for periodic calibration verification of the Kelvin 4-wire resistance measurement. To ensure that 4-wire resistance measurements remain accurate, CAMI recommends running the verification check every quarter. A 4-wire measurement module that is out of calibration will give inaccurate results. Some (maybe all) resistance measurements will be incorrect. Consequently, it may Pass what should Fail and, conversely, Fail what should Pass. In other words product yield will be contaminated due to unreliable measurements.

Companies interested in quality product and maximum yield will ensure their testers are calibrated. Those with quality certifications such as six sigma or ISO9001 will be required to calibrate. The CB52 will allow these quality-focussed companies to optimally determine when calibration is necessary and to schedule maintenance accordingly.