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The M2Z CableEye System
for Multiconductor Continuity Testing

128 Test Points, 64-Conductor Cable Maximum
Probe Socket and Probe
Not Expandable

Declaration by Manufacturer CAMI Research Inc.

This entry level tester provides basic continuity measurement in cables and small wire harnesses. It is suitable for cables carrying digital signals or any electronic signaling where small amounts of resistance in the cable or connections will not affect the function of equipment to which the cables are connected.

This item comprises a 128-point control module with probe port and electronics permitting it to test cables with a maximum of 64 conductors. The price includes a board set, probe, operating software, power module, USB cable, Getting Started Guide, Software Introduction Booklet, User's Manual (PDF), and two-year Product Support Subscription. The default board set is the CB-T2. A computer is required and not included. USB interface. Ready to use.

Use the TEST button on the tester or click on the software screen to trigger a test. A READY indicator confirms a link to the PC software, and PASS, and FAIL indicators visually show the test result. Measurement for a typical cable completes in less than a second. We use industry-standard 64-pin dual-row latch headers as an interface to all of our plug-in connector boards and external test fixtures. The aluminum case is formed from 1/16”-thick aluminum with scratch-proof Lexan surface for long life in an industrial environment. Calibration is not required. This model is not expandable.

This photo shows catalog Item 814, the CableEye M2Z system with the CB15C board set attached. Remove the interchangeable CB boards by pressing apart the latches near the front of the board. Use most of our stock CB boards (primarily those with/for connectors no larger than 64 pins), including the CB8 board for prototyping and circular connectors. The M2Z is a lower-cost solution for small to medium-size cable applications. See below for rear view .

For larger cables or harnesses, choose the M3Z system (Item 826) or M4 system (Item 824). Use models M3Z or M4 testers if you also need to measure contact resistance and isolation, or embedded resistors, and the Model M4 if you need to check capacitance, embedded capacitors, or the orientation of twisted pairs. We recommend the M3Z or M4 for your back- plane and complex network applications.


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