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CB Board High Voltage Certification

Certification at the maximum rated voltage is available for a service fee (Items 626 or 626H) and must be requested at the time of order. A certificate will be provided. Certification is required for boards rated to 2100Vdc that will be operated above 1500V (Item 626H).

Operating voltage is dependent on the environment (dust level, humidity, temperature) and condition of the board - including dust and fingerprints. Some boards may even operate at higher-than-rated voltages depending on these factors. Yet others may no longer operate at their rated voltage if their condition has been allowed to deteriorate. Be sure to inspect your boards regularly, store them in a protected environment, and keep them clean.


Use your Product Support Subscription username and password to login to this page for instructions on how to certify your board/s for operation at other voltages, or to recertify your older boards. The instructions are available for testers with valid Product Support Subscriptions.

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