Item 726/B/C
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CableEye® Software Upgrade

Item 726 upgrades software earlier than v5.4
Item 726A upgrades software earlier than v5.4 (only if renewing warranty at the same time)
Item 726B upgrades software v5.4 or later
Item 726C upgrades software on multiple testers

Currently Shipping v6.0 B1676

Production Screen (from v5.4-B1188)

Software upgrades include installation instructions, AND upgrades for any optional software previously purchased with your system such as PinMap, Connector Designer, or Autobuild. For your convenience, software upgrades can be downloaded from our website.

Order an upgrade for ALL your company's testers that are running obsolete software for a discounted price (Item 726C).

Note: CB boards need the software version current at time of release of that specific CB board - or later.

Key Release Notes

In general, later versions will include more graphics (e.g. connector images), more macro commands (used primarily for test automation) … and bug fixes. More specifically, you can expect the following:

Version 6

New or substantially changed functionality compared to v5 includes:

Version 5

Version 5 has been completely redesigned from the Version 4 software. Although, you will find marked similarities with previous versions, the v5 software comprises a much more comprehensive cable and harness testing package than available before. If you are a user of earlier versions, you may see the new software featured in our current videos for comparison. New or substantially changed functionality includes:

Other Service

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