CB Boards Compatibility Chart

Our standard tester interface boards are known as "Connector Boards" or "CB Boards". They physically mate with ALL models of CableEye testers and the CableEye QuickMount™ Housing. Most boards include connectors of 64 or fewer pins, and attach without additional adaptation. Certain boards include high-pin-count connectors that require an expander cable to access test points from other test banks. In these cases, more than 128 test points are needed and thus expansion module/s will be required.

This chart displays the compatibility between CB Boards and CableEye testers.
  1. A green checkmark denotes that the CB board is compatible with the tester displayed in the column.

  2. A red x denotes that the CB board is NOT compatible with the tester displayed in the column.

  3. A number in the Expansion Required column means that the tester requires the number of expansion modules displayed to use the board.

  4. Unless otherwise specified, all CAMI CB boards are rated to operate at 500Vdc/ac. Certification at the maximum rated voltage is available for a service fee (Item 626).

  5. Only for the HVX High Voltage testers, the Voltage Rating column displays the guaranteed maximum voltage that the board can sustain without dielectric breakdown. Some boards may be individually certified by the user for higher voltage values. To recertify a board for higher voltage, the optional PinMap software is required.

CB BoardM2U BasicM2U/M3U
Voltage Rating
DC/AC (Note 4)
Software Release
CB5 All but 68 Pin Ctr.1 for HVX if 68 pin
CB1260 Conductors Max60 Conductors Max1
CB12A60 Conductors Max60 Conductors Max1
CB18A1 for HVX only
CB18C1 for HVX only≥ Feb. 2016
CB23All but 68 Pin Ctr.1 for HVX if 68 pin
CB25Applies to M3U only
CB26B1 for HVX only
CB26T≥ Dec. 2015
CB26U≥ Aug. 2017
CB26V≥ v6.0
CB341500/1000*≥ v6.0
CB37AM3U/M4/HVXNot ApplicableRequires AutoBuild
CB38AM3U/M4/HVX1Not ApplicableRequires AutoBuild
CB49≥ Sept. 2015
CB50M3U/M4/HVXNot ApplicableAny
CB51≥ Sept. 2016
CB52M4/HVXNot Applicable≥ Mar. 2017
CB53M4/HVX1≥ Jan. 2019
CB54≥ Jan. 2019
CB55lowest 30 pads/row1 for HVX if >30p/row≥ Jun. 2019
CB56≥ Jun. 2019
CB-T1LEDs will not operate≥ Jun. 2015

*Rating is valid when a suitably rated mating board is attached.
** With the exception of the M2U, multiple relay boards may be used at the same time.
*** Only when using Ampmodu/discrete-wire cable.

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