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CableEye Model Upgrades

For less than the price of a new system, upgrade your CableEye tester to improve your test capabilities and become more productive. All upgraded systems are returned to the customer with a new one-year warranty.

CAMI continues to support its original serial port M2 and M3 models and we offer upgrades of these systems to USB giving you faster (x4) measurement capabilities. Upgrading to a USB model from a serial port variant is about half the price of a new system.

Table of Upgrade Options

How do we order an upgrade for our CableEye Tester?

1 - Call CAMI Research at 978-266-2655 to arrange for return of your unit. We need to confirm the name of the technical contact person for CableEye, and your company's address and phone number.

[When shipping from an international location where we have a representative, please contact your local distributor first.]

2 - We will confirm the cost of the upgrade, either by phone or by sending you a quote. Please have ready:

3 - When you're ready to place the order: 4 - When it's time to ship the system, review and circulate this preparation Shipping Checklist to your packing/shipping department. (Remember to email us the tracking number.)

Note: Your company pays transportation in both directions.

Other Service

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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