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CableEye Model Upgrades


Various CableEye model upgrade paths are offered as summarized in the table below. Upgrade your M3U to the more sensitive M3UH, or modernize your serial port tester. Scroll down this page to learn how to order your upgrade. Compare and contrast models here.

Upgrade M3U to M3UH

All upgraded systems are returned to the customer with a new calibration certificate and one-year warranty.

Upgrade Serial Port to USB

For less than the price of a new system, and for a limited time, you may upgrade your serial port CableEye tester to USB if your tester is a model M2-Basic, M2(-Full), or M3/A. Note that, without the upgrade, these serial port testers will not operate on any computer above Windows XP, or with USB ports adapted to interface with serial port devices.

Upgrading will improve your test capabilities and allow you to become more productive - giving you faster (x4) measurement capabilities. All the hardware (e.g. boards/interface fixtures) you have developed for your serial port unit will be compatible with the upgraded unit. All upgraded modules are returned to the customer with a new one-year warranty. The M3 to M3U/H upgrade includes calibration. Upgrading to a USB model from a serial port variant is about half the price of a new system.

Table of Upgrade Options
Model Upgrade Options

Will we need to upgrade the expansion modules?

Depending on the model of your tester and your chosen upgrade path, your existing expansion modules may not be compatible with your upgraded base unit and will also need to be upgraded. Refer to the table below for a summary. Click here for an example of a tester with expansion modules. If you have a particularly early model, your expansion modules may be situated to the side of the tester.

Expansion Module Compatibility
Upgrade Path to M2U to M3U to M3UH
from M2
from M3
Upgrade Required
Upgrade Required
from M3A
Upgrade Required
from M3U
Upgrade Required
Footnotes: 1. There is no need to send the expansion modules in to us for the upgrade service.

2. The expansion modules MUST be included with the base unit, however, so the system can be recalibrated after the base unit has been upgraded.

How do we order an upgrade for our CableEye Tester?

1 - Call CAMI Research at 978-266-2655 to arrange for return of your unit. We need to confirm the serial number of the tester, the name of the technical contact person for CableEye, and your company's address and phone number.

[When shipping from an international location where we have a representative, please contact your local distributor first.]

2 - We will confirm the cost of the upgrade, either by phone or by sending you a quote. Please have ready:

3 - When you're ready to place the order: 4 - When it's time to ship the system, review and circulate this preparation Shipping Checklist to your packing/shipping department. (Remember to email us the tracking number and to include the serial number of the tester in the subject field.)

Note: Your company pays transportation in both directions.

5 - For currrent lead times, click here. Service on equipment under warranty or extended warranty is given priority.

Other Service

Looking for another service such as Software Upgrade, Warranty, Calibration, Repairs? Click here.
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