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PinMap Software

Videoclip Demonstrations:
1 - PinMap Basics
2 - How to Use the PinMap Program (v5 Software)

PinMap Benefits and Screen Shot

Use PinMap to reassign test point numbers to match those on your custom test fixtures, boards, or pigtails. This permits the linkage of CableEye® connector graphics and database representations to test fixtures you may have for other cable test equipment, or for fixtures you build in-house for special applications. You may also create custom pin labels of up to seven alphanumeric characters, which is especially valuable for labeling wiring harness connectors. Using PinMap, you create a separate "map" file for each custom test fixture. A menu within the CableEye application lets you easily select the desired map file. Cut and paste connector maps between different map files to mix maps from different CableEye CB boards with custom CB8 interfaces. Includes a probe and an electronic directory of all connector images available in our graphics library.

Check out this fast and super-easy pin-mapping process enabled by PinMap™. Map as fast as you can move the probe from one pin to the next. Use on your custom connectors, test fixtures, specially-built connector panels, or pigtail adapters to your CableEye tester. This software assigns test point numbers to connector types and applies standard pin designations to the pin numbers.