Item 712H
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QuickMount™ Housing

Rated to 2100 Vdc / 1500Vac

As a free-standing, quick-release board fixture, the CBH2 allows you to connect any CB board to the 64-pin headers of any expansion module - even at some distance. Use as an optional accessory for special fixturing and custom applications. Load or unload CB boards in 3 seconds. Boards may be locked in place, if necessary, using nylon thumbscrews.

Two expansion cables per housing are required. Choose a length of expansion cable per bank to extend the housing away from the tester by the desired amount. For systems large than 256 test points, use multiple QuickMount housings with increasingly longer expansion cables as shown in the third image (we will build to order). There are two types of expansion cables. For voltages up to 500 V, we have ribbon cables (Item 856). For higher test voltages, we offer optional Ampmodu cables (Item 864). The item ships with two 5" ribbon expansion cables.

The first image shows the QuickMount Housing (Item 712H) with two CB15 boards (Item 745. Not included) attached to an M3U-AEX Expansion Module, Item 823. This configuration works with any CableEye Expansion Module. In the second image, you see how to attach the connector boards to the housing. The third image shows how many QuickMount housings can be connected to a large system with many expansion modules.

1 - 256-point CableEye System with QuickMount Housing

2 - Side view of the QuickMount Housing showing how boards are attached.

3 - Multiple QuickMount housings may be connected to an expanded tester (special order).