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CableEye® HVX & HVX-21 Test Systems
for Continuity, Resistance, Capacitance, Twisted Pair, and High Voltage Testing

Applied Voltage: Up to 1500 Vdc / 1000 Vac (HVX); 2100 Vdc / 1200 Vac (HVX-21)
Resistance Measurement: Between 0.1 Ω and 1 GΩ (HVX); 0.1 Ω and 5 GΩ (HVX-21)
Precision Resistance Measurement Options: From 20 mΩ (Advanced Measurement Option), 1 mΩ (4-Wire Kelvin Option)
Insulation Resistance Measurement: 2 MΩ to 1 GΩ (HVX), 5 GΩ (HVX-21)
Insulation Resistance Measurement Current Sensitivity: 1 µA (HVX); 0.2 µA (HVX-21)
Test Points: 128 (Expandable to 1024) Plus 24 Accessory Test Points
Sockets: LV Remote Control; Probe (Probe Included)
Tests to Industry Standard A620B Guidelines
For diagnostic and Pass/Fail Testing
Tests for insulation resistance and dielectric breakdown after checking for opens, shorts, miswires, & resistance limits

Select Options:
Precision Resistance Measurement (Items 832, 833)
Twisted Pair Checks (Item 833)
High Isolation Resistance Measurement at Very Low Voltage (Item 835)
HV Remote Control (Item 829XR)
Temp. Humidity Environmental Sensor (Item 879)

Declaration by Manufacturer CAMI Research Inc.

Control Module: HVX (Item 829), HVX-21 (Item 829A)

Photo: CableEye HVX Series High Voltage Test System with CB29 Board Set (option)

Power: 100-240 Vac, 50-60 Hz130W (max) for 128 TPs.
Requires two USB channels, and Windows WIN7 or later.
Compatible with touchscreen and laptop PCs.
Includes two-year RENEWABLE Product Support Subscription (PSS) comprising warranty, free tech support, free software upgrades and more.

Expansion Module: HVX (Item 828), HVX-21 (Item 828A)

Photo: CableEye HVX Series High Voltage Test System
with one Expansion Module and CB29 Board Set

The HVX Expansion Module (items 828/828A) adds 128 test points to a CableEye HVX series system. Up to 7 expansion modules can be connected for a total system capacity of 1024 test points. Each expansion unit has two 64-pin header connectors that can be used with our QuickMount™ Housing (item 712). You can also connect them directly to your UUT using 64-conductor Ampmodu cables.

Existing HVX series testers can be upgraded by adding one or more expansion modules up to 7 expansion modules for the system in total (retrofit fee applies).

HV Remote Control Option (item 829X)

Dummy plug (included) is required for normal control. Replace dummy plug with external cable leading to your own controls when remote is used. Matching connector identical to that shown for dummy plug is included with this option for wiring to your remote cable.

Existing HVX series testers can be upgraded with the remote control option (retrofit fee applies).

Item 832
4 Wire Kelvin Resistance Measurement Option

Adds expanded testing for contact and wire resistance as low as 1 mΩ. After checking for opens, shorts, miswires, and resistance limits, the 4-wire Kelvin measurement applies a user-selectable test current from 100 mA to 1 A to determine connection resistance within 1 mΩ. The resistance profile of a model cable may be stored and used as a basis of comparison during later testing to reveal cold solder joints, faulty crimps, recessed pins, pin contact contamination, improper wire gauge, and stress-extruded wire.

Four-wire measurement eliminates any effect of fixture resistance to obtain a precise value of the unit under test (UUT) resistance only. The same high-accuracy measurement may be obtained with a short fixture attached directly to the tester, or with a large wire harness fixture that may extend a considerable distance to reach the UUT. Users may optionally set up a high-current stress test for wiring by driving up to 1 A of current through each conductor, and setting a dwell time from 100ms to 3 minutes. Increasing resistance during the dwell period may show problems not detected with a shorter measurement interval.

Individual conductors within a UUT may be independently disabled from 4-wire or high voltage test by user selection to avoid potential damage to fuses or other sensitive components. Users may also independently set different test currents for each conductor.

Existing HVX series testers can be upgraded with the 4-wire measurement option (retrofit fee applies).

Item 833
Advanced Measurements Option

Graphic Report of a multiconductor twisted pair resistance measurement.
Netlist report of a multiconductor twisted pair resistance measurement.

The Advanced Measurements Option Reports Twist Pairing with the Wire Resistance Results

The Advanced Measurements Option provides increased (x5) 2-wire resistance resolution, and the measurement of capacitors, wire pair capacitance, twisted pair testing, and cable length. Refer to specifications for more detail.

This option must be ordered at the time of purchase of the control module. It cannot be added as an upgrade to existing HVX testers.

Item 835
External Measurement Instrument Port Option

Netlist report of a multiconductor twisted pair resistance measurement.

External Measurement Instrument Option Permits Leakage Measurements of 10 GΩ Isolation at 10 Vdc Test Voltage

Of special interest to customers requiring extremely high isolation resistance measurements at very low voltages, this option permits leakage measurements of 10 GΩ isolation at a test voltage of 100 Vdc. It comprises custom software and a hardware upgrade that allows an external measurement instrument to be used in combination with the HVX’s internal relay-switching matrix and reporting software.

Co-requires the 4-Wire Kelvin Resistance Measurement option (Item 832), a third party Source Measure Unit (SMU – Keithley Model 2410 or 2470), and CableEye operating software v6.1 B1893 or later. HVX systems that are no more than three years old can be upgraded with Item 835. A 4-Wire Kelvin Resistance Measurement upgrade will be required in addition if the original system is without it. Retrofit fees apply.

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