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CB13 Connector Board

2mm IDC Flat Cables
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Each board includes connector positions for 2 mm single- or dual-row headers up to 60 pins. Six identical connector positions are available. Because 2 mm connectors come in many different arrangements for both single and dual row, we provide a standard set of connectors in a separate package, unsoldered, so Users may configure the board as best suits their needs (see photo of connector kit at bottom). A single position will accept two headers, one top-justified and the other bottom-justified, if the combined length can be accommodated by the height of that position. Single-row headers may be mixed with double-row headers. For each board, the package includes three 72-pin dual-row breakaway headers and three 36-pin single-row breakaway headers. Software for connector graphics self-adjusts to measured wiring.

Connectors Included: Unsoldered. Matrix connectors are not included in the kit.

2 Set of two boards.

Voltage Rating

Rated for operation up to 500 Vdc/ac.
Can be certified for operation at the maximum rated voltage for a service fee (Item 626).