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CB30A Connector Board

MICTOR Connectors
Shown Actual Size
NOTE: 256 Test Points Required!


This board supports 38-, 76-, and 114-pin surface-mount TE Connectivity MICTOR connectors. A secondary bank in the lower part of the board provides backup footprints in the event that any of the connectors in the primary bank should become damaged or suffer intermittent connections from wearout. Pad spacing on this board is 0.025" (0.64mm), and the pads are arranged in groups of 38 (19 on each side).

Important: These CB30A boards are daughter boards intended to mount on a set of CB30s (see Photo 2 below). Plan on ordering a set of CB30s with the CB30A if you do not already have a set.

Set of two boards with four 64-pin latch headers. Requires 256 test points and a set of CB30 boards. Note that the latch headers should be mounted to the CB30 boards to accommodate the 64-pin sockets on the bottom of the CB30A; CAMI Research will configure this for you if the CB30s are ordered at the same time as the CB30A.

Connectors Not Included: Solder Service1 available.

1 Expansion Module Required: One (1). Not Compatible with M2Z or M2U-Basic.

2 Set of two boards.

1 SOLDER SERVICE: We mount connectors that you supply. Test is only possible, and included, if you are able to supply us with test cables. Test cables will be returned. When ordering connectors, choose post length suitable for 0.093” thick PCB - the thickness of all CAMI CB boards. Contact us for pricing.

Voltage Rating

Rated for operation up to 500 Vdc/ac.
Can be certified for operation at the maximum rated voltage for a service fee (Item 626).

1 - CB30A Board with one 38-pin MICTOR Connector Soldered in Place

2 - CB30A Mounted on a CB30 Board.
The down-facing latch header on the CB30
connects to an expansion module.

3 - Attachment of the CB30 board to an expansion module.