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CB48A and CB48B
Header Isolatorâ„¢ Protective Adapter Sets

Shown Actual Size


These Header Isolator protective adapters fit the 64-pin headers on CableEye testers as follows:
CB48A (vertical header) fits any control module and HVX-series expansion module.
CB48B (right-angled header) fits any control module.
Neither are compatible with 64-pin headers of M-series expansion modules; use Item 868 instead.

Connect your cables directly to the adapter. Use the CB25A Header Isolator™ Riser Board on the control module or QuickMount™ Housing to achieve the same header isolation function when using CB Boards.

2 Set of two boards.


Requires any software release.

Voltage Rating

Rated for operation up to 2100 Vdc, 1200 V/ac (applicable to shipments from 1 May, 2021)
Rated for operation up to 1500 Vdc, 750 V/ac (applicable to shipments up to 1 May, 2021)
Can be certified for operation at the maximum rated voltage for a service fee (Item 626).

© Header Isolatorâ„¢ and QuickMount™ are Trademarks of CAMI Research Inc. Header Isolator protective adapters protect the built-in 64-pin headers of your tester from contamination as well as from bent pins and wear when there is repeated connection and disconnection of CB boards or cables.

CB48A Vertical Header

CB48B Right-Angle Header

CB48 Installed: A (Front) and B (Top)

Shown installed on an HVX tester.
Use on any CableEye model.