Item 780A
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CB50A 2-Wire Resistance Calibration
Verification Board

Item 780A


This Resistance Calibration Verification Board allows you to periodically verify proper 2-wire resistance measurements of your tester, including after calibration, storage, or relocation. We recommend verification once a quarter.

A range of precision resistors and two diodes cover all 64 test points available on this board and span values from 0.5 Ω to 4.6 MΩ. Manually move the board to additional banks and retest to cover all test points. If you have expansion modules, you may wish to order a CB48A Header Isolator™ protective adapter, Item 778A, to permit connection of the board to expansion modules.

1Sold as a single board.

Voltage Rating

For low voltage operation only. Not intended for HiPot.

CableEye Calibration Verification Board