Types of Cables You Can Test

Image of plug-in fixture being attached. Image of pre-configured board and Auto ID graphic

Standard Connectors

Our removable connector boards support most common connectors. Mix and match boards to obtain just the right connectors for the cable you need to test. Slide the board into guide posts on the tester and press down to insert (this takes 3 seconds). Press the latches apart to remove.

Several boards are designed for specific connectors, but sold as bare boards only. Connectorized boards are available for special order without connectors.

We typically sell boards in sets of two. In most cases, you may connect a cable to only one connector at a time on each board.

For pre-populated and pre-configured boards, the tester GUI automatically displays a graphic of the connectors (and wiring) under test (see image of CB56 board and graphics).

Each CB board typically requires 64 test points, so most two-ended cables can be tested with a 128-point system. Some boards with large connectors may require one or more expansion modules.

Please provide the serial number of the tester on which the board will be used when ordering; this will allow us ensure compability with that tester.

Over 60 standard connector boards are available for CableEye.

CB Boards

We build these boards on 0.093"-thick PCB laminate (50% thicker than standard printed circuit boards), for rugged use and extra long life. We specify that all Dsub connectors have machined pins to maximize connector lifetime (standard Dsub connectors have stamped pins, which are hollow). When a connector wears out, you may easily change it at your location with a proper desoldering tool, or return it to us for same-day-turnaround repair.

Examples from our current catalog of over 60 boards appear on the left. Try our board finder to locate exactly the boards you need. We develop new connector boards frequently, so contact us if you need something not found in this list.

Image of CB8 with cable-mounted OBD connectors. Image of CB30 with cable-mounted circular connector. Image of CB8 with panel- and cable-mounted. Image of CB8 with mounted LIF test fixture.

Unusual Connectors

Use our CB8 (Item 738) and CB30 (Item 760) boards to mount circular connectors, pigtails, oddball connectors, or anything you may need to interface. These generic board accept a wide range of circular or other connectors, and accommodate panel- and/or cable-mounted mating connectors as well as LIF test blocks. Each board comes with a kit of screws and standoffs. Easily attach wires between the connector pins and pads around the board. Boards may be disassembled and reused. Slots in the board's center will accept brackets on many connectors, or drill and rout your own footprint. See more applications.

Adapter cables are used when the connector is too large to be mounted on a board.

Wire Harnesses

Plug your own custom interface cables and adapters for wire harnesses, equipment cabinets, or PC boards directly into any of the 64-pin headers on the tester, or you can use a test interface panel perhaps on a rack-mounted system. Map your mating harness or custom connector panel instantly with our optional PinMap™ software.

Our PinMap™ fixture editor software (Item 708) with probe lets you easily configure your custom interface for any test point assignments you need and apply custom labels to each pin. Use the AutoBuild™ software (Item 728) for guided assembly to ensure that the harness is assembled correctly the first time. We also offer custom test interface development. See more applications.