Pre-Owned Equipment for Sale

We have a variety of used equipment and accessories available from customers who have upgraded to a different tester model. Occasionally, demo equipment or new equipment may be included in which the case or paint has some slight cosmetic damage. We offer used items for sale within the USA and Canada only; none are intended for export.

Please send an e-mail to or call as at 978-266-2655 requesting our availability of used equipment.


  • All pre-owned testers and expansion modules have been reconditioned, tested, and are in excellent working condition.

  • Testers that require calibration (e.g. M3Z, M4, HVX) will have been calibrated.

  • CB boards, QuickMount ™ housings, and power modules have been cleaned and tested and are in good working order, and include a 30-day warranty during which we will correct at no charge to the customer any electronic or mechanical failures that do not result from abuse or wear-out.

Online Resellers (Ebay etc.)


Pre-owned equipment is available through online resellers such as Ebay. We often see resellers selling obsolete equipment that we can no longer support in any way. Before you purchase, we highly recommend you ask the seller for the serial number of the tester and contact us with that serial number. We will be able to tell you the servicability status of the tester and its year of manufacture including whether the system is eligible for Product Support Subscription reactivation. We will not be able to comment on whether the system is currently fully operational and fit-for-purpose.


If you have purchased servicable equipment, contact us to download the operating software and to inquire about Product Support Subscription reactivation.