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CB29 Connector Board

64 Screw Terminals with 0.200" (5mm) Spacing
Shown Actual Size


This board has four 16-pole screw terminal blocks that will accept bare wires from 12- to 24-gauge in size. The metal jaws firmly grip an inserted wire without damaging or distorting the end. We normally include the terminal blocks shown in the photo below, soldered in place and ready to use. These terminal blocks have 5mm (0.197") spacing between the contacts. The board may also be supplied without terminals for customer-mounted terminal blocks (order Item 759BB). The board footprint includes hole patterns for both 5mm (0.197") and 0.200" hole spacing for each of the four rows, so either size terminal block can be accommodated. The space between each 16-pole terminal block may be used as a wire channel to guide bundles of wires neatly to the side. A pair of holes is provided on the right through which wire ties may be inserted to hold the wire bundles in place. Set of two boards.

Voltage Rating

Certified for operation up to 1500Vdc and 1000Vac.
Can be certified for operation at the maximum rated voltage for a service fee (Item 626).

This board will be shipped with either blue or black connectors, depending on availability.

CB29 Black Connectors