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CB38A Connector Board

Light Director System for Guided Connector Assembly
CB38A for Connectors of 128 Pins or Less
Shown Assembled with Typical Connector Mounted in Photo 1, Below
Requires 1 Expansion Module. Not Compatible with M2U-Series Systems


This board supports the mating piece for a circular or rectangular connector that you plan to assemble and is part of our Light Director system for guided connector assembly. Click here to learn how the Light Director system works. You may purchase the board as a kit of parts to be assembled in-house, or provide us with the mating connector and have us do the board assembly for an additional charge. Note: This item is sold as a single board with components. For connectors of 64 cavities or fewer, order CB37A (Item 737A). For connectors of 65 to 128 cavities, order CB38A (Item 738A). For a fully functional Light Director system, you will also need the following:

1 - Item 728, the AutoBuild Guided Assembly software option (software that permits you to program the assembly and operate the LED fibers). If your CableEye system already includes this software, you need not purchase it again.

2 - Item 792, AT&T Natural Voices voice font (high-quality synthetic voice for speech instructions during assembly). If your computer is already provided with a high-quality voice font, you need not purchase this item.

3 - Item 610, optional assembly service for the CB38A board. You provide us with the mating piece and cable schematic and we will assemble the CB38A board and program your build procedure. You receive a turn-key system ready to use.

Voltage Rating

For low voltage operation only. Not intended for HiPot.

Tester Compatibilty

1 - Assembled CB38A board with shroud installed.
Note: 128 test points required per board!

2 - CB38A board with expansion cable installed (128 test points required).

3 - CB37A components kit as received if ordered without assembly.
The CB38A kit is similar.

4 - The components kit includes this shroud to protect the fibers after the assembly is complete.

5 - 128 individual Light Fibers included with CB38A.