Continuity & Resistance Cable Testers

CableEye® Low Voltage, Cable & Wire Harness,
Continuity Test Systems

e.g. M3U: 152 Test Points, 76-Conductor Cable Maximum,
Expandable to 2560 Test Points

Low Voltage Cable Testers
M2U-Basic, M2U, M3U, M3UH
(all testers ship with operating software)

  • Scan for Opens, Shorts, Miswires, Intermittent Connections

  • Measure resistance (M3U model variants)

  • Dynamic, graphic-rich Netlist/Wiring display:
    • Confirm diode orientation
    • Set asymmetric tolerances in absolute or %
    • Over 500 connector graphics included

  • Out-of-the-box, customizable & printable color reports

  • Multilingual GUI screens, reports & labels

  • Pass/Fail check or diagnostic GUI screens - your choice

  • Quick-change, automatically detected CB boards:
    • Over 60 different stock boards accommodate well over 200 standard connector types
    • CB8 board for prototyping and circular connectors, or CB28 for bare wires
    • CB15 set included

  • All base units, except the M2U-Basic, handle cables of up to 76 conductors and are expandable:
    • Layer one or more 128-point expansion modules under base unit, to accomodate larger cables

  • M2U-Basic base unit handles cables of up to 64 conductors and is not expandable

  • 9x12" bench footprint

Item 810U, M2U-Basic
Continuity and Intermittent Error Tester
128 TPs, non-expandable

Item 811U, M2U
Continuity and Intermittent Error Tester
152 TPs, expandable

Item 821U, M3U
Item 821UH, M3UH
Resistance, Continuity, and Intermittent Error Testers
152 TPs, expandable

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Cable Tester Dynamic Netlist and Wiring Display
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