Low Voltage Expansion Modules

Harness Testers: Expanded Low Voltage Systems

Expand Testers to 2560 + 24 Test Points

Attached Expansion Modules (AEX)

  • Permanently attaches to the bottom of the control modules or to another expansion module.
  • Same bench footprint as the control module by itself (9"x12").
  • Adds 128 test points (TPs) per expansion module.
  • Perfect in applications where you do not require the additional board fixtures.
  • Use our QuickMount™ fixtures if you need to interface with our connector board test interface fixtures.
  • Add up to 19 expansion modules (+2,432 TPs) to your M3Z or M4 control module.
  • Systems may be upgraded with expansion modules after purchase of the original system. Order at your convenience as your testing needs change.
  • Units require recalibration when expansion modules are added or removed.
  • Declaration by Manufacturer CAMI Research Inc.


  • Large Cables
  • Wiring Harnesses
  • Backplanes

Catalog Items 827 (M3Z-AEX), 825 (M4-AEX)

CableEye Flexible Harness Testers
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Harness tester comprising a Control Module with 19 attached expansion modules.
Harness Tester (2560 + 24 TPs): Control Module Fully Expanded with Nineteen Expansion Modules

Harness tester comprising a Control Module with several attached expansion modules and test interface fixture.
Harness Tester: Expanded Control Module with Test Interface Fixture

Control the number of active test points on each module to optimize measurement speed, or turn off all modules and use the control module in the usual manner with our standard CB connector boards for two-ended cables.The number of active test points is set within the software for the M3Z and M4 systems. For all other low voltage models, it is set with switches (see photo below).

CableEye® Control Module with three Attached Expansion Modules
The configuration shown here shows a control module with three expansion modules and provides a system total of 536 test points for testing large cables, backplanes, or wiring harnesses. Twenty four of those test points are for accessories. The test points on this older model sytem are set with switches.

Harness Tester with Expansion Modules

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