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These videos show some of the features and capabilities of the CableEye test system in action. The software is a common platform to all CableEye testers, so once you've learned to operate one model of CableEye tester, you've learned to operate them all!

Display Notes: Some videos are shot using the CableEye software in Control Mode and with English selected as the screen language. This Control Mode is the view that the CableEye Test System Manager uses to access all system options and to program the tester. There is also a Production Mode that displays only a limited set of essential controls and information to the production worker and which can be activated with a single click or barcode reader. A screenshot example of this Production Mode Screen is shown below. Additionally, the CableEye Test System Manager can program the tester to display a pop-up window with detailed operator Work Instructions containing text, photos, interactive buttons, and triggers to open additional resources such as video, schematics, parts lists and BOMs. The Work Instructions Display can be programmed to fill the screen, and to let barcode readers input data and activate tests. You can choose the exact amount of detail, imagery, language and automation you need to ensure your work instructions and tests are carried out flawlessly.

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Checking for intermittent connections by stressing a connector
Production Mode Screen

D1 - Light Director™ Guided Assembly Hardware

Time-Lapsed First and Second-Sided Pinning Sequence with ZIF and LIF Fixtures
Video Duration: 0:15 min | Click Image to Play

D2 - Automation

Easily control the workflow of your test with Macros, and use the options to control tower lights, LEDs, audible tones, labels, latches and more. Scan barcodes to initiate tests and input data.
Video Duration: 2:13 min | Click Image to Play

Production line guided assembly using CableEye software and tester

D3 - Guided Assembly | Use Case

“Rapid wire technology to terminate cable assemblies greatly increases yields, and reduces assembly costs. Real-time CAMI wire recognition technology greatly increases productivity … ensuring correct wire to connector placement - all while performing in-process continuity & HiPot testing.” Dennis Johnson, CEO, Onanon Inc.
Video Duration: 23 s | Click Image to Play

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Cable Assembly

photo credit: Progressive Image

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Cable Assembly

photo credit: AP Technology

"Our production guys find it simple to setup and use. Our clients love it as it provides complete traceability for each and every cable assembly we manufacture."

AP Technology, UK

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