Cable, harness and hipot testers from CableEye.

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Milwaukee, Booth 1709

May 13-14, 2015

CableEye Cable Testers Benefits

Find defective or miswired cables instantly before they damage equipment or waste valuable technician time. CableEye cable testers and harness testers have a unique, patented graphic wiring display to visually pinpoint problems when wiring errors are detected, and offer one-second pass/fail testing. Quickly locate intermittent connections and identify their position in the cable.

Expand CableEye up to 2,560 test points for wiring harnesses, and measure cables of up to 4000 feet in length. With our cable tester Model M3U, set two resistance thresholds, one for good connections down to 0.3 ohms, and one for isolation up to 10 Megohms. Measure embedded resistors and resistor networks, and check the orientation of diodes and forward voltage. Use our HVX high voltage cable tester to check cables at up to 1500vDC and 1000vAC (hipot test), and measure 4-wire resistance with selectable test current up to 1 amp.

An on-line database holds an unlimited number of User cables and includes descriptive notes and label text for each cable. Search the database for a wiring match to a measured cable, or by User part number or descriptive text. High-resolution graphic output on laser and ink-jet printers provides the hard-copy documentation necessary for ISO 9000-certified manufacturing. Print labels simultaneously on a second printer as cables are tested.

Choose from a wide variety of plug-in connector boards to mate with most standard cables, and easily mount custom connectors for unusual applications. For special applications, use our MiniHook probes to test continuity in connectorless cables, backplanes, and printed circuit boards. We will also design and build custom wire harness tester interfaces for turn-key delivery.