Benefits of CableEye® Testers


Visualize Cable Wiring Quickly Locate Intermittent Connections Print Full Cable Documentation & Labels Store Cable Data in Searchable Database Export Wire Lists to Other Applications Use Macros to Guarantee Test Consistency Log Test Data for Batch Testing Easily Link to Custom Cable/Harness Fixtures Build Harnesses using Guided Assembly Design Cables, Create First Article Test Data Display Detailed Work Instructions

Log Test Data for Batch Testing

A printable log report, created with the standard out-of-the-box CableEye® software, is shown below.

The COUNT variable may be initialized to any value between 1 and 9999 at the beginning of the batch. If desired, embed the COUNT variable or enter your own serial numbers for each cable during label printing; this will let you track every cable.

Log Report Sample: A feature of the standard CableEye software.

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