Benefits of CableEye® Testers


Visualize Cable Wiring Quickly Locate Intermittent Connections Print Full Cable Documentation & Labels Store Cable Data in Searchable Database Export Wire Lists to Other Applications Use Macros to Guarantee Test Consistency Log Test Data for Batch Testing Easily Link to Custom Cable/Harness Fixtures Build Harnesses using Guided Assembly Design Cables, Create First Article Test Data Display Detailed Work Instructions

Export/Import Wire Lists
for Use with Other Applications

Transfer data to and from Excel, Access, Word, and many other programs.

With out-of-the-box CableEye® software, you are able to copy and paste data to third party software in tab-separated format. The optional, add-on CableEye Exporter software (catalog Item 709) assists you in managing the cables database. Choose the export format as CSV text or XML, suitable for any commercial database manager, spreadsheet, or word processor for custom report generation. Each export file contains the cable's part number, connector types, descriptive notes, label text, and wire list. This information can be edited, if desired, and re-imported into the CableEye database.

The image below shows the main control screen visible when you activate Exporter. Set up the type and format of the operation needed, and click the Convert button to initiate the operation.

Exporter Control Screen for Exporting and Importing Cable Data

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