Benefits of CableEye® Testers


Visualize Cable Wiring Quickly Locate Intermittent Connections Print Full Cable Documentation & Labels Store Cable Data in Searchable Database Export Wire Lists to Other Applications Use Macros to Guarantee Test Consistency Log Test Data for Batch Testing Easily Link to Custom Cable/Harness Fixtures Build Harnesses using Guided Assembly Design Cables, Create First Article Test Data Display Detailed Work Instructions

Visualize Cable Wiring

Instantly swap schematics between Test Data and Match Data to detect subtle differences in wiring.
So many options! Fast, precise, clear

If you suspect a wiring error in a cable or just do not know how the pins are connected, you may show the cable's schematic on your monitor for review. The CableEye® software draws this wiring diagram automatically. Use the cursor keys to highlight a connection of interest, as shown in red below. You are looking at an exact screen image from a PC monitor, not a drawing. (additional descriptive text continued below)

See components, including diode direction, and wiring faults.

The small buttons with red arrows on each side of the drawing show the direction of view into the connectors. In this case, we are looking into the pins of the left connector and the terminations (where the wires are soldered or crimped to the pins inside the connector) of the right connector. Click either button to redraw that connector looking in the opposite orientation.

Quickly alternate the display between the correct schematic and the faulty one to immediately detect subtle differences in wiring. Print any of the error displays for hard copy of the faults.

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