Benefits of CableEye System


Visualize Cable Wiring Quickly Locate Intermittent Connections Print Full Cable Documentation & Labels Store Cable Data in Searchable Database Export Wire Lists to Other Applications Use Macros to Guarantee Test Consistency Log Test Data for Batch Testing Easily Link to Custom Cable/Harness Fixtures Build Harnesses using Guided Assembly Design Cables, Create First Article Test Data Display Detailed Work Instructions

Quickly Locate Intermittent Connections

Flex a cable and its connectors during the Continuous Test function to look for intermittent connections. If any are found, you will hear an audible beep and see an error report schematic (see below) with the intermittent connections highlighted.

Checking for Intermittent Connections by flexing the cable
Flex the cable by hand or with an automated fixture.

Checking for intermittent connections by stressing a connector
Flex the connector by hand or with an automated fixture.

The highlighted wire indicates the conductors whose continuity or resistance changed during the test. In this case, there is a intermittently open connection between pin 15 on the left and pin 15 on the right. You may print the result by clicking the "Printer" icon in the main tool bar (not shown).

Screenshot of showing precise location of a detected, intermittent error.
Display remembers failures in an accumulating graphic image..

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Testing for Intermittent Connections
A how-to video tutorial. Click to watch.

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