Benefits of CableEye® Testers


Visualize Cable Wiring Quickly Locate Intermittent Connections Print Full Cable Documentation & Labels Store Cable Data in Searchable Database Export Wire Lists to Other Applications Use Macros to Guarantee Test Consistency Log Test Data for Batch Testing Easily Link to Custom Cable Harness Fixtures Build Harnesses using Guided Assembly Design Cables, Create First Article Test Data Display Detailed Work Instructions

Benefits Index

Use of CableEye® all-in-one test and cable management systems, markedly increases productivity in cable and harness assembly and test. The systems achieve this by taking full advantage of the PC's graphic display, processing speed, disk storage, networking, and printing capabilities. This directly affects your bottom line by saving technician time, ensuring consistent tamper-proof testing, and improving documentation. As you read the list of benefits below, click the links to see detailed descriptions and examples.

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