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Low Voltage Cable Testers

CableEye M2U-Basic, M2U, M3U, M3UH, M4 Systems

Cable Tester and Harness Tester for Pass/Fail check or diagnostics of continuity (opens, shorts, miswires), intermittent connections, contact and isolation resistance, embedded resistors and diodes.

Low Voltage Harness Testers

CableEye M2U, M3U, M3UH, M4 Expanded

Cable Tester and Harness Tester with six Attached Expansion Modules from CAMI

Hipot Testers

CableEye HVX Series High Voltage Test Systems

High Voltage Cable and Harness Tester from CAMI

Pass/Fail Check GUI

Standard - All Testers

Pass/Fail Graphical User Interface

Diagnostics GUI

Standard - All Testers

Dynamic interface displays color-coded errors

Out-of-the-Box, Customizable Test Reports

Standard - All Testers

Sample Reports & Lables

Example shows colour graphics of connector, wiring schematic, and netlist with color-coded wires

Simple Automation Scripting

Standard - All Testers

Simple macro calls the pass/fail check GUI in line 1, then automatically loads gold cable data ready for rest of automated test sequence.

Real-Time Screening for Intermittent Faults

Standard - All Testers

Checking for Intermittent Connections by flexing the cable

Flex the cable by hand or with an automated fixture.

Easy Configuration for ANY Cable Type

Slide interface board between alignment posts
and push down. Tester instantly identifies board and displays true graphic of connected connector/s.

Standard - All Testers

CB Boards Plug-In to Adapt Cable Tester to Many Connector Styles

Over 60 Standard Boards Available
Multiple connectors on each interface board save you
money and storage space.

Cable Tester Connector Boards

Build Custom Interfaces
Mount special connectors and pigtails on
blank boards available for CableEye.

Custom harness interfaces built quickly and at Reasonable Cost

Guided Assembly

Image-, Text-, Speech-Guided Assembly

Autobuild™ Software Module

Touch unterminated wire with probe, or finger with wrist strap.

Light-Guided Connector Assembly

Light Director™ System

Light Director System for Guided Assembly

4-Wire Kelvin Resistance Measurement

HiPot Tester Optional Add-On Item

Results of a multiconductor 4-Wire resistance measurement.

Screenshot of 4-wire resistance test data screen. The header displays the applied test parameters.

The most practical, user friendly machine that I have ever used.

I have used your units for several years, that is, when I worked for electronics manufacturing companies in the past. You have an outstanding product, and I say that, because I've seen my share of testing units in the 36 years that I've been in this business, and yours is the most practical, user friendly machine that I have ever used.

Chris Thomann
B & C Custom Cabling
(Contract Cable Assembly)

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Pass/Fail Check or Diagnostics - Your Choice!

With our cable testers and harness testers, find defective or miswired cables instantly before they damage equipment or waste valuable technician time. CableEye cable testers and harness testers have a unique, patented graphic wiring display to visually pinpoint problems when wiring errors are detected, and offer under a second pass/fail testing for production environments. Quickly locate intermittent connections and identify their position in the cable. Expand CableEye to over 2000 test points for large cables and wiring harnesses, and measure cables of up to 4000 feet in length. With our Model M3U tester, set two resistance thresholds, one for good connections down to 0.3 Ω, and one for isolation up to 10 MΩ. Measure embedded resistors and resistor networks, check the orientation of diodes, and measure diode forward voltage.

An on-line database holds an unlimited number of User cables and includes descriptive notes and label text for each cable. Search the database for a wiring match to a measured cable, or by User part number or descriptive text. High-resolution graphic output provides the hard-copy documentation necessary for ISO 9000-certified manufacturing. Simultaneously print labels as cables are testerd - any windows compatible printer will suffice. Use bar-code scanners to read cable part numbers and work orders for high-volume production.

Try our low voltage and high voltage (HiPot) testers and explore ...

Easy Set-Up & Operation

Choose from a wide variety of plug-in connector boards to mate with most standard cables, and easily mount custom connectors for unusual applications. For special applications, use our MiniHook probes to test continuity in connectorless cables, backplanes, and printed circuit boards.

The easy-to-use software can be set up for one-button operation to speed production testing. Operators need only to press the TEST pushbutton on the fixture to trigger an involved test sequence set up by the quality control engineer, with results automatically logged to disk for later analysis and report generation. Use an optional footswitch for hands-free operation.

For complex wire harnesses and multi-headed cables, label each pin with your own custom text to speed the location of faulty connections.

HiPot Testing to 2100Vdc/1200Vac

Our CableEye HVX Hipot Tester series permits expanded testing for insulation resistance and dielectric breakdown to meet the industry-standard A620 guidelines for cable and wire harness testing. After checking for opens, shorts, miswires, and resistance limits, the hipot module applies a user-selectable voltage from 10V to its model's maximum voltage (2100Vdc/1200Vac for the HVX-21), to each connection group in the cable. Current leakage detected during the high voltage test phase provides a measure of insulation resistance up to a series maximum of 5 GΩ (HVX-21), and any leakage current exceeding a preset limit reveals the presence of moisture, flux, or other contamination on exposed contacts.

Guided Assembly

CableEye offers two optional Guided Assembly capabilites.

Autobuild™ issues visual & audio instructions/feedback for cable & harness manufacturing.

Our Light Director™ system provides a patented, computer-guided technique for assembling connectors used in aerospace, medical, and other high-reliability applications. This system uses light fibers driven by super-bright LED lamps to individually illuminate target cavities in the connector being assembled. When the technician enters the wire code printed on unconnected wires, or touches a wire connected at the other end, the CableEye software turns on the appropriate fiber, thereby causing a bright, flashing light to project from inside the target cavity guiding the technician to the proper insertion point. Correct insertion is confirmed by the elimination of light from that location, whereas insertion into an incorrect location leaves the flashing light visible.

Pricing & Warranty

CableEye cable and harness testers link to the PC using a USB interface, and may be used with touchscreen laptop PCs for field testing. Models are available in several configurations starting with the M2U-Basic continuity tester at $1295 for 128 test points, and include standard software, cable database, complete User's Manual, and one-year RENEWABLE warranty with free technical support.

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Literature Package
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Videoclip Demonstrations

A series of videoclips of around 5 minutes each demonstrate many of the capabilities of the CableEye Software. Each clip describes one basic function. Click the link below to go to the videoclips main page.
Cable Tester Video Clips
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