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Probando Cables y Conectores en Electrodomésticos

Image of tester display that shows continuity test results of cable connectorized with TE PTL cables.

Probar la continuidad y aislamiento utilizando probadores de cables multi conductores es una parte esencial del proceso de trabajo. Las pruebas exhaustivas antes y después de la instalación reducen las probabilidades de fallas del dispositivo, incluyendo eventos catastróficos como incendios e inundaciones. En este articulo introducimos un entendimiento básico de lo que implican pruebas exhaustivas de continuidad y de HiPot.

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Testing Appliance Cables & Connectors PDF Spanish PDF translation

Cable and Harness Manufacturing: Testing Medical Electronic Equipment & Devices

Image of tester display that shows photo of catheter overlaid with highlighted matrix of connector locations.

Testing continuity & HiPot using multiconductor cable testers is an essential part of the workflow. Thorough testing prior to and after installation reduces the likelihood of device failure including catastrophic events such as fire. It is simply not sufficient to rely on “glow-wire” specifications to prevent fire. In this article we introduce a basic understanding of what ‘thorough’ continuity and HiPot testing entails.

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Cable and Harness Manufacturing: Protecting your Cable Tester

Burn Damage to Cable Test PCB

Our dependence on complex systems in modern manufacturing leaves us vulnerable to unexpected process failure that may have expensive consequences. While we cannot foresee the future, our awareness of failure modes should lead to simple preventve measures. Employ these precautions to help avoid preventable accidents that extract a heavy cost in time and inconvenience to correct.

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Cable and Harness Manufacturing: Cable Tester Automation

Onanon Smart Assembly Line

A cable tester manufacturer's approach to automate test, fault isolation, labeling, and documentation to ensure test consistency and reduce susceptibility to human error.

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Electrically Testing Long Cables

Onanon Smart Assembly Line

Learn how parasitic capacitance can affect your safety and the accuracy of your results when testing cables longer than 10ft.

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Cable and Harness Manufacturing: Smart Assembly & Test

Onanon Smart Assembly Line

What to look for in a tester when creating a smart cable & harness assembly and test line, especially when following a mixed-model manufacturing process.

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Improving Cable Quality & Reliability - Resistance Measurement to within 1 mΩ

4 wire test setup

A How-To Guide: Precision resistance measurements of less than 0.1 Ω reveal wiring defects not visible to less sensitive measurements. Use this measurement technique to improve cable quality and reliability.

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Five Qs to ask when selecting a Cable and Harness Tester

CableEye Japanese GUI

Ready to purchase a new tester? Ask these questions of your potential supplier.

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Cable and Harness Manufacturing: Cables in Motion - Diagnostics

Screenshot of real-time intermittence testing identifying the number of passes and errors

A must-read for makers of robotic systems: Cables in motion experience fatigue causing complete or intermittent failures whether or not that motion is constant. Learn how cable and harness test systems can easily identify and pinpoint the source of even the most elusive intermittent failure.

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Cable and Harness Manufacturing: CableEye Cable Test and Management System, Q&A

HVX test system showing screenshot of 4-wire measurement option

What are the alternatives to the CableEye brand and how do they compare?
Who benefits from using the system?
How does cable and harness testing with a CableEye test system increase productivity?
Can all cables/connectors be tested ...?
How much time can be saved ...? How much more productive will a user be ...?

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Cable and Harness Manufacturing: Productivity through Flexibility

HiPot test system showing screenshot of 4-wire measurement option

Learn how to choose a cable & harness tester that remains relevant as product design changes in addition to providing fast, reliable, accurate results. See how it can improve productivity even beyond the production floor.

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