CableEye® Part Number Index

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620 Repair Service
626 Board Voltage Certification Service
700 Extended Warranty Renewal
701 Power Module for M2U/B Tester
703 Power Module for M3U/H Tester
704, 704E Pelican™ Carrying Case for M2U/M3U/M3UH/M4 CableEye Tester
704C Pelican™ HVX Rolling Carrying Case (128-256 Test Points)
704D Pelican™ HVX Rolling Carrying Case (384-512 Test Points)
704F Pelican™ M2U/M3U/M3UH/M4 Rolling Carrying Case (128-512 Test Points)
704G Pelican™ M2U/M3U/M3UH/M4 Rolling Carrying Case (640-896 Test Points)
706E, 706B, 706A Power Module Prong Adapters
707 Connector Designer Software
708 PinMap™ Software
709 Exporter Software
710 MiniHook Cables (two)
711 MiniHook Cable (one)
712A Tilt Stand for QuickMount™ Housing
712H QuickMount™ Housing
714 Footswitch Control
717C Precision Capacitance Decade box
717 Calibration Service
717SC/S1/S2 Calibration Kits
718 Probe Cable
721 Desktop Power Supplies
725 CB Board Storage Rack
726 CableEye Software Upgrade
728 AutoBuild™ Software for Guided Assembly
729 Standalone Software License
730 Applications Programming Interface
731 CB1 Connector Board Set (Telco, DB15, RJ45, BNC)
732 CB2 Connector Board Set (IDC Flat Cables, 26-64 pins)
732A CB2A Connector Board Set (IDC Flat Cables, 10-24 pins)
733 CB3 Connector Board Set (DB37 and DB50)
734 CB4 Connector Board Set (v.35, DB25)
735 CB5 Connector Board Set (SCSI I, II, III)
736 CB6 Connector Board Set (DB15HD, DB26HD, DB44HD)
737 CB7 Connector Board Set (DB62HD, DB78HD)
738 CB8 Connector Board Set (Circular and Custom Cables)
739 CB9 Connector Board Set (Power Cables)
740 CB10 Connector Board Set (VME 64- and 96-pin Cables)
741 CB11 Connector Board Set (Elco Cables)
742 CB12 Connector Board Set (High-Density Flat Cables)
742A CB12A Connector Board Set (High-Density Flat Cables)
743 CB13 Connector Board Set (2mm Cables)
744 CB14 Connector Board Set (Molex LFH-60, MD26)
745 CB15 Connector Board Set (DB25, DB9, CN36, HD15, miniDIN, RJ12)
746A CB16A Connector Board Set (BNC, SMA, SMB, N)
747 CB17 Connector Board Set (CN14, CN24, CN64)
748 CB18 Connector Board Set (Octal RJ45)
748A CB18A Connector Board Set (Octal Shielded RJ45)
748B CB18B Connector Board Set (Ten RJ12/11)
748C CB18C Connector Board Set (Eight Replaceable RJ45)
749 CB19 Connector Board Set (Audio Cables)
750 CB20 Connector Board Set (MC68, MC80, MC100)
751 CB21 Connector Board Set (MC68, MC80, MC100)
752 CB22 Connector Board Set (USB, IEEE 1394 Firewire, DVI)
753 CB23 Connector Board Set (miniCentronics, Champ FH)
754 CB24 Connector Board Set (High Density 68-, 80-, 100-pin IDC Cables)
755 CB25 Connector Board Set (Transient Suppressor Board)
755A CB25A Riser Board Set (Header Isolator/Protector)
755B CB25B Vertical to Right-Angle Transition Board Set (Header Isolator/Protector)
756A CB26, CB26A Connector Board Set (Cisco 26p Smart Serial)
756B CB26, CB26B Connector Board Set (0.8mm VHDCI)
756C CB26, CB26C Connector Board Set (10-pos RJ48 Modular)
756D CB26, CB26D Connector Board Set (IEEE 1394b, USB miniB, Serial ATA)
756E CB26, CB26E Connector Board Set (HDMI)
756F CB26, CB26F Connector Board Set (InfiniBand)
756G CB26, CB26G Connector Board Set (Shielded Data Link)
756H CB26, CB26H Connector Board Set (iPass)
756i CB26, CB26i Connector Board Set (Quad Serial ATA)
756K CB26, CB26K Connector Board Set (Displayport)
756L CB26, CB26L Connector Board Set (Small Micro Ds)
756M CB26, CB26M Connector Board Set (Foxconn Docking Connectors)
756N CB26, CB26N Connector Board Set (USB 3.0 Connectors)
756T CB26, CB26T Connector Board Set (Mini HDMI, Mini Display-Port Connectors)
756U CB26, CB26U Connector Board Set (USB C-Type Connectors)
756V CB26, CB26V Connector Board Set (FI-X 30-pin Connectors)
757 CB27 Connector Board (Bare Wire Transition Board)
758 CB28 Connector Board (Mate-N-Lok® Connectors)
759 CB29 Connector Board (Screw Terminal Blocks)
759A CB29A Connector Board (Transition Sys for Wire Harness Assembly Boards)
759H CB29H Connector Board (Transition Sys for Wire Harness Assembly Boards)
759AH CB29AH Connector Board (Transition Sys for Wire Harness Assembly Boards)
759BB CB29BB Transition Board Set (No Terminal Blocks Installed)
759HB CB29HB Transition Board Set (No Terminal Blocks Installed)
760 CB30 Connector Board (Custom Interface Board, 128 TP)
760A CB30A Connector Board (Mictor Connectors)
760B CB30B Connector Board (Cannon DL Connectors)
760C CB30C Connector Board (Molex LFH Connectors)
761 CB31 Connector Board (Metral Connectors)
762 CB32 Connector Board (DB104 Connectors)
763 CB33 Connector Board (MiniFit, MiniFit Sr., MicroFit)
764 CB34 Connector Board for Cirris™ Adapter Cards
765 CB35 Relay Board (10 SPDT Dry-Contact Relays)
767A CB37A Light Director Board, 64-Fiber Capacity
768A CB38A Light Director Board, 128-Fiber Capacity
769 CB39 Connector Board (Cinch 0.156" 12-Pin Edgecards)
770 CB40 Connector Board (20-, 37-, 56-Pin Rack/Panel)
771 CB41 Connector Board (MicroD 21-, 25-, 31-, 37-Pin)
772 CB42 Connector Board (MicroD 9-, 15-, 51-Pin)
773 CB43 Connector Board (MicroD 9-, 15-, 21-, 25-, 31-, 37-Pin)
774 CB44 Connector Board (MicroD 51- and 100-Pin)
775 CB45 1mm and 0.5mm Surface-Mount Connectors
776 CB46 100-Pin MicroD, Airborn-Style
777 CB47 Dual DB62HD, HV Rated
778A CB48 Header Isolator/Protector Board Set: Vertical Header
778B CB48 Header Isolator/Protector Board Set: Right-Angle Header
779 CB49 Connector Board (Micro MaTch ® Connectors)
780 CB50 Calibration Verification Board
781 CB51 1.25 and 1.5 mm Pitch Connectors
782 CB52 4-Wire Calibration Verification Board
783 CB53 4-Wire CB Board Conversion Set
784 CB54 Connector Board (Picoflex 4 to 26-Pin)
785 CB55 Connector Board (3M ERNI Surface Mount, 1.27mm Pitch, Single/Dual Row to 34/68 Pins)
800 CB-T1 Training and Verification Board
792 AT&T Voice Font
810U CableEye M2U-Basic System
811U CableEye M2U System
813 CableEye M2 Attached Expansion Module
821U CableEye M3U System
821UH CableEye M3UH System
823 CableEye M3U Attached Expansion Module
823H CableEye M3UH Attached Expansion Module
824 CableEye M4 System
825 CableEye M4 Attached Expansion Module
828 CableEye HV AEX High Voltage Expansion
829 CableEye HVX High Voltage Test System
829A CableEye HVX High Voltage Test System 2100V
829X HVX Series Remote Control
832 4-Wire Kelvin Resistance Measurement
850 64-pin IDC Socket with Strain Relief
851 64-pin Vertical IDC Boardmount Header with Ejection Latches
851R 64-pin Right-Angle IDC Boardmount Header with Ejection Latches
852 64-conductor IDC Flat Cable
853 64-pin Vertical Surface-Mount IDC Header
854 64-conductor Pre-Assembled and Tested Flat Cable
855 64-pin Boardmount Socket
856 CB Board Extension Cable
857 Tilt Stand for M-Series Control Modules
858 Light Fibers for CB37, CB38
859 Wrist Strap
860 Custom Reporting Software
861 Custom Labeling Software
862 80-pin Bare Breakaway Header
863 AMPMODU™ Socket Body and Pins
864 64-Conductor Pre-Assembled AMPMODU™ Cable
868 64-Conductor Header Isolator